(2.5) DVD-ROM Self-Help Information: Updated 1/7/2015
-The version number can be found on the front of your DVD-ROM case.  
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Important Note:
Sequential Spelling version 2.5 is built on HTML5 technology and requires an HTML5 compatible web browser. Verify that your web browser is one of the following:


Windows XP or newer - Google Chrome version 38 or higher
Macintosh Mac OS X v10.5 or newer - using Safari 5.1 or higher
Firefox: is not supported

To verify your web browser is configured to play HTML5 Video content Click Here and verify that HTMLVideoElement and H.264 have a blue check mark next to them.

 These are the most commonly reported issues for version 2.5 Sequential Spelling DVD-ROMs:

Problem # 1 - I put the DVD-ROM into my computer and nothing happens - Click here for the fix

Problem # 2 - Program starts but there is just a blank box where the video should be- Click here for the fix

Problem # 3 - The DVD-ROM worked before, but not now - Click here for the fix


Help # 1 - How to Copy a Sequential Spelling DVD to your Computer - Click here for the video
Help # 2 - How to Copy Sequential Spelling DVD Lessons to iPad or iPod - Click here for the video
Help # 3 - You can always play the video lessons directly as a last resort - Click here for the video


Note: There may be configuration issues with your computer that is out of the scope of our support.  These issues may include a sensitive DVD-ROM drive, extremely high internet security settings, restricted ActiveX controls, or restrictive virus software.


 Fix for Problem #1:

PC users should navigate to the DVD drive under "My Computer" or just "Computer" in Windows 7/8 and open the SS_Vol_# folder and double click on the index.html file to start the program.

Mac users should navigate to the DVD icon on the desktop or under finder and open the SS_Vol_# folder and double click on the index.html file to start the program.

If you can not locate the DVD files even with the DVD inserted, verify that your disk drive is a DVD drive.  Most Mac computers will have a DVD drive but PC users should verify that there is a DVD logo on the front of the DVD drive tray, if not, it will not read a DVD-ROM.


The best way to resolve this issue is to put the DVD-ROM into another computer at home or work to test the DVD.  If you can access the files using another computer, you should use this second computer to copy the SS_VOL_# folder to a USB drive.  Then copy the folder from the USB drive to the computer that you want to use to play the lessons.  This can also be done between different types of computers such as a PC and Mac.

Fix a different problem...

 Fix for Problem #2:

Verify that your system meets these minimum requirements:

  • That your web browser is Safari 5 or or newer or Google Chrome 38 or newer
  • Click allow on any ActiveX messages that may appear at the top or bottom of the page
If you are running the program from the SS_Vol_# folder on your computer and not the DVD.  You may need to recopy the SS_Vol_# folder to your computer as some of the files may have been deleted.  Simply delete the old folder and copy it to your computer again.

Note to Mac users: If you have upgraded your Mac to a new version of Safari or OS X the Sequential Spelling interface may stop working.  You will need to adjust your setting as shown in the following video, or install and use the Google Chrome web browser to fix this issue, Click Here to download


 Fix for Problem #3:

If you are using the DVD to play the lessons, verify that your DVD is not visibly scratched.

It is always best to copy your DVD to the computer and put it away for safe keeping, this will avoid scratches and damage to the DVD-ROM.  See the following video to learn how.  

We will replace DVDs that have been scratched after they are used for a fee of $10.00. Click here to request a replacement.

If the disk is in the DVD drive and has no scratches also try the fix for problems 1 and 2.

Fix a different problem...

 How to Copy a Sequential Spelling DVD to your Computer.


 How to Copy Sequential Spelling DVD Lessons to iPadŽ or iPodŽ

 If you are unable to use the programs interface for any reason, you can always play the video lessons directly.  This will work for Mac and PC, the following video will show you how:


PC users should install and use VLC media player to play the video lessons, click here to install VLC media player. 
Mac users can use iTunes or VLC media player to the video lessons.









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